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Basic Attention Token Price

$0.205 +1.889%
Market cap$308,250,000.00
Volume (24h)$6,452,559.36
Highest price (24h)$0.2093
Circulating supply1,500,000,000 BAT

What is Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token or BAT is the token used by Brave browser.

The browser turns the usual online advertising model on its head: ads are disabled by default. Users may choose to enable and view them; when they do, they earn BAT as a reward. They can also give their BAT to the creators of the website as a tip.

Still, you can use BAT even if you don't use the browser. Moreover, as the browser becomes more popular, Basic Attention Token price can grow with it. 

Understanding the BAT price movement

As BAT is closely connected with the Brave browser, Basic Attention Token value is connected to its success. If its innovative advertising model becomes more popular, BAT becomes more widespread. This, in turn, could have a positive impact on the price of Basic Attention Token.

Of course, BAT price also is also affected by the overall trends in crypto.

Using this prices chart

This Basic Attention Token price tracker provides a quick overview of BAT price action. It is continually updated with the latest data, so you get the live Basic Attention Token price. At the same time, you can always access the Basic Attention Token price history from the dropdown menu. 

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Using Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token worth is connected to its use in the Brave browser. You may tip your favourite content creators, provided they accept BAT, earn and withdraw BAT, or hold it as an investment.

You can also buy BAT just like any other crypto, even if you're not using the browser itself. Some sites may offer you to invest your BAT and earn interest; do your own research if you're interested in this opportunity.

Basic Attention Token price today

When investing in crypto, it helps to consider a long-term perspective. The price in five years can be vastly different from the Basic Attention Token price today. If you believe BAT has a future, why not consider investing?

Getting started is easy. Just scroll back up, check what's the Basic Attention Token price now, and, once you're ready, hit the “Buy” button. We promise: your purchase with Paybis will be just as simple as using this tool!