Zilliqa Price

$0.02048 -0.679%
Market cap$365,557,451.80
Volume (24h)$4,249,609.77
Highest price (24h)$0.02075
Circulating supply17,866,933,128.055 ZIL

What is Zilliqa

Zilliqa price has seen some impressive moves even amidst a slowing market, so what makes it special?

Zilliqa is a crypto platform that allows developing and hosting decentralized apps and is built with scalability in mind. It has one special feature in particular: sharding, which allows dividing the network in smaller groups of nodes. These shards can then run in parallel, processing more transactions at the same time.

The crypto world often appreciates new and innovative features, and this technology has contributed to growing Zilliqa value.

What moves Zilliqa price

As with most cryptos, the current Zilliqa price is influenced by the overall state of the crypto market. Yet, it has outperformed the market at times, even moving against the trend.

One possible explanation is that Zilliqa is an up-and-coming crypto with innovative technology behind it. Major announcements, new development milestones and increased mainstream adoption all can drive the price of Zilliqa up. This, in turn, attracts even more interest.

Of course, this does not mean that Zilliqa worth can only increase. Other, more established crypto projects can adopt the same features that Zilliqa championed, so ZIL would lose its advantage.

How to use this ZIL price chart

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What can ZIL be used for

As noted, Zilliqa is more than a means of payment or a store of value. It also is a crypto platform that can be used to develop and host different decentralized applications. These, in turn, benefit from ZIL's increased scalability.

This interest from developers also makes Zilliqa an interesting investment option. If you believe the Zilliqa price today will increase in the future, you may buy it and HODL it, waiting for its value to increase.

You may also stake Zilliqa, that is, lock up some of your ZIL to power and secure the Zilliqa network. This way, you can earn additional passive income while you wait for the ZIL price to increase.

Zilliqa price today

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