Aave Price

$63.93 -2.098%
Market cap$1,024,800,000.00
Volume (24h)$18,408,614.72
Highest price (24h)$65.74
Circulating supply16,000,000 AAVE

What is Aave

Aave is both a protocol and the token used to govern it and fund its development.

As a protocol, Aave allows its users to lend or borrow crypto from liquidity pools. Users may deposit different crypto tokens to earn interest on them or borrow tokens if they provide collateral.

Note that users can deposit and borrow different cryptos, not just Aave. This means that Aave price can benefit from the success of other cryptos, as it is not directly competing with them.

What may move the AAVE price

AAVE price often follows the overall trends in the crypto market as its success depends on the increased adoption of crypto. Still, it is a crypto in its own right, and at times it can defy the prevailing trends.

In particular, Aave value can increase as crypto users start investing their crypto, rather than just holding it. Moreover, increased demand for crypto loans also has a positive impact on the price of Aave.

Note that this tracker is constantly updated and always shows the live Aave price. You can be sure that what you see is the Aave price now.

How to use this price tracker

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Ways to use Aave

Many crypto enthusiasts choose to HODL, which is crypto slang for keeping their crypto hoping it will go up in value. This approach, however, means you only earn anything when you sell your crypto at a profit.

The Aave protocol allows its users to earn additional interest while still keeping their crypto. This has proved to be popular, and AAVE price has seen some notable growth since its beginnings — as you can clearly see in this price chart!

Please note that Paybis is not affiliated with Aave, and we cannot recommend any investments. What we can say is that this opportunity definitely merits your own research.

Aave price today

Check out the price action on this chart; the exact Aave price today can and does fluctuate, as crypto is still an emerging market. On the other hand, this is what makes it so exciting: it is full of great opportunities for early adopters.

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