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Curve DAO Token Price

$0.5885 +1.746%
Market cap$1,174,800,975.94
Volume (24h)$43,179,231.69
Highest price (24h)$0.5971
Circulating supply1,990,850,662.505 CRV

What is Curve DAO

Curve DAO is the native token of Curve, a decentralized finance (DeFi) project. 

Curve is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) which has the added benefit of finding the best exchange rates for its users. This technology and user base is what gives Curve DAO value.

Note, however, that Curve is not a fiat-to-crypto exchange; you must already own crypto to exchange it for other tokens.

What influences CRV price

The price of Curve DAO is closely related to the crypto market in general. Certain price movements affect most tokens. More importantly, though, CRV price is connected to the success of the Curve DEX, which, in turn, benefits from wider adoption of crypto.

Note that Curve is not the only DEX on the market. It is competing with other projects, but Curve DAO worth could also receive a boost from wider use of decentralized exchanges.

Using the price tracker

This Curve DAO price tracker provides a simple yet accurate overview of Curve DAO price today, that is, over the last 24 hours. Click on the chart to learn what the live Curve DAO price was at any given point.

By default, this chart shows the CRV price in USD, but you can select 90+ other local currencies — from AED to ZAR! It also provides easy access to Curve DAO price history.

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How to use CRV

CRV can be used as a governance token on the Curve exchange: its holders may vote on different development proposals.

It can also be staked, that is, deposited for a certain period of time to earn an interest.

And, of course, just like other cryptos, you can hold your CRV, hoping CRV price will increase in the future!

Curve DAO price today

As noted, the exact Curve DAO price now depends on numerous factors: the overall state of the crypto market and wider adoption of DEXes. Short-term fluctuations may even be caused by things like news items and social media posts!

The first rule of crypto applies: do your own research. When you're ready to invest, scroll back up and hit the “Buy” button — at Paybis, buying crypto is just as easy as using this tool!