Maker Price

$1,337.45 +2.175%
Market cap$1,308,108,796.65
Volume (24h)$22,555,322.48
Highest price (24h)$1,342.88
Circulating supply977,608.643 MKR

What is Maker

Maker (MKR) is best understood as part of a larger system that also includes the Dai stablecoin.

MKR token helps ensure the price of Dai remains stable, even though Dai does not have a single centralized reserve. 

Note that MKR is not a stablecoin: the price of Maker can and does fluctuate. In fact, these price movements help keep Dai stable. 

Understanding MKR price movement

Maker worth is closely connected to the Dai stablecoin.

First, it is used to govern Dai. As a decentralized token, Dai is governed by holders of Maker who vote on different proposals on the protocol. The increased use of Dai also drives the demand for MKR, pushing the Maker price higher.

Maker also is used to maintain the stability of Dai. Under certain circumstances, the protocol can either create or destroy new Maker tokens, which are then used to either issue new Dai or remove it from the market. This, in turn, affects the MKR price.

Using this price tracker

Maker price tracker provides a simple yet accurate way to track the changes in Maker value over time.

By default, it shows the live Maker price over the last 24 hours. Maker price history can be accessed from the dropdown menu.

Click the Maker price chart at any point to see what the current Maker price was at that particular point.

In addition to the Maker price in USD, this tool also supports 90+ local currencies. Click on the dropdown menu to pick the currency you're most familiar with.

And, last but not least, this tool is powered by Paybis, which adds another great feature. Like the current MKR price? Hit the “Buy” button to get it in a few clicks!

Some possible uses of MKR

Maker allows the unique opportunity to invest in a stablecoin. Stablecoins are designed to maintain their price; their increased popularity does not affect it. The Maker price today, however, is connected to the current popularity of Dai.

As already noted, MKR is also used to govern Dai. If you believe in the project and want to vote on future proposals, this is another reason to get MKR.

Maker price today

Maker has clearly seen its ups and downs, as this price chart shows. When making an investment decision, however, it helps to remember that Maker price now depends on numerous long-term factors. 

Simply put, if you're bullish on Dai, you may consider investing in Maker. And rest assured: with Paybis, investing in crypto is safe, accessible, and simple!