Quant Price

$103.82 -1.190%
Market cap$1,543,216,559.15
Volume (24h)$7,100,667.61
Highest price (24h)$105.46
Circulating supply14,850,043.872 QNT

What is Quant

To understand Quant price moves, it's a good idea to start with a brief overview of Quant itself.

Quant wants to solve a major issue in the crypto world: interoperability. There are plenty of successful blockchains out there, but the decentralized apps (dApps) available on one blockchain do not work on the other.

Quant value comes from its role as a blockchain operating system that allows developers to create multi-chain apps or mApps. This solves the interoperability problem as a single mApp can run on multiple blockchains.

What moves Quant price

The first rule of crypto is “do your own research”, and this Quant price chart makes the perfect starting point. 

For starters, try comparing Quant price history with some major blockchains. Remember that Quant bills itself as a multi-chain OS, so price movements for other chains could have an impact on QNT price.

You may also want to keep an eye on major announcements from the Quant project itself; this is another thing that is known to move crypto prices.

How this QNT price tool works

This Quant price tracker is part of Paybis, a leading fiat-to-crypto exchange. We like to keep things simple and accessible, and our QNT price tools are no exception:

  • You can view the QNT price in USD and dozens of other local currencies. Select them from the dropdown menus;

  • Checking historic QNT price data is just as easy as tracking the Quant price now – just click on the dropdown menus;

  • For more details, click on the chart to see the exact Quant worth at any time;

  • If you need to convert between QNT and fiat currencies, check our multi currency Quant calculator or QNT to USD converter!

How you can use Quant

The Quant token is used on the Quant blockchain: developers who want to create mApps must hold some QNT.

Some crypto projects allow you to stake your QNT, that is, invest the token and receive additional return on it.

And, just like with many cryptos, you can HODL it. If you believe that Quant price today can increase in the future, you can get it and keep it in your own wallet, waiting for it to increase in value.

Quant price today

Crypto market is known for its volatility – and Quant is no exception. The live Quant price can change within hours, if not minutes, and it may be hard to keep track of it.

At Paybis, we're here to help. We provide clear, accurate and reliable crypto tools as well as an easy way to buy and manage your crypto. We take care of all the technicalities so you can focus on what matters most – making the right decisions.

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