Buy Axie Infinity with Credit Card or Debit Card


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How to Buy Axie Infinity with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy AXS fast and simple

Get in the game — buy Axie Infinity Shards with credit card in just a few simple steps! Here's how:
  • Decide how much you want to spend and click the Buy Axie Infinity Shards button;
  • Make a payment with your credit or debit card;
  • Receive your AXS in your own wallet!
That's it! No deposits, no withdrawals, no apps to install — you can buy Axie Infinity Shards instantly, just like making any other online purchase.
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Why people buy Axie Infinity Shards

Axie Infinity Shards is the native token of Axie Infinity, the leading representative of a new type of game: Play-to-Earn.
Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where players can build and battle their own characters. As they play, they can earn AXS.
This combination — an addictive and challenging game that rewards its players — has proved extremely successful, and AXS has seen some impressive growth.
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