Polygon Price

$0.6796 -0.745%
Market cap$6,824,884,853.81
Volume (24h)$43,858,597.85
Highest price (24h)$0.6857
Circulating supply9,996,901,792.61 MATIC

What is Polygon

Polygon price has seen impressive ups and dramatic downs – so what's that special about this crypto?

Polygon promises to do many of the things that the so-called “Ethereum killers” aim to do: build a more efficient and scalable blockchain that allows for easy development of decentralized apps (dApps). There's one key difference, though: Polygon does that while remaining interoperable with Ethereum. This increases Polygon worth: rather than building everything from scratch, it can tap into the second most popular crypto blockchain.

Keep in mind, though: Polygon is a separate crypto, and the current Polygon price does not necessarily reflect the current ETH price.

What can move MATIC price

Even though Polygon is a separate crypto, MATIC price is not immune to the overall movements in the crypto market.

Try using this Polygon price tracker to compare the price of Polygon with the price of other cryptos, such as Ethereum. You may find many similarities between the two: for example, Polygon spiking just days or weeks after similar spikes for Ethereum.

On the other hand, MATIC does bring something new to the table. It's built with developers in mind: Polygon is a platform for building custom blockchains and dApps. Therefore, increased interest in dApps and successful projects on the Polygon platform may well push the MATIC price up.

Tracking the Polygon price

At Paybis, we like to keep things simple, so we built this tool as an intuitive way to track the live Polygon price. We'll just note a few things you don't want to miss:

  • By default, this tool shows the Polygon price today. To view Polygon price history, click on the dropdown menu;

  • Click anywhere on the Polygon price chart for a more detailed breakdown: you'll see what the exact price was at any given moment;

  • You can view the Polygon price in USD and dozens of other local currencies – click the dropdown menu and pick the one you're most familiar with;

  • Finally, we offer a number of other Polygon tools, such as a convenient MATIC calculator and a dedicated Polygon to USD converter!

Possible uses of Polygon

As noted, Polygon presents itself as a development platform – if you're feeling adventurous, you may definitely want to check it out!

Polygon can also be staked, that is, you can invest your MATIC to earn passive income. You can still withdraw it later if and when you decide to sell it.

And, of course, you can HODL it, that is, buy it, keep it in your wallet and wait for Polygon value to increase! At Paybis, we've made it truly easy to do just that: we offer a fast and simple way to get your MATIC and a safe wallet to store it!

Understanding the Polygon price today

When considering any crypto purchases, remember the first rule of crypto: do your own research. We hope that this page serves as a useful starting point, and there are plenty of other resources to help you.

Of course, any purchases should also fit your investment strategy. You may decide to invest at a certain price point – or you may adopt a long term view, so the exact Polygon price now may not be that important.

However you invest, Paybis is always at your side, offering clear and reliable MATIC price data, secure wallets and the easiest way to buy Polygon! Scroll back up to get started!