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How to Buy Ripple with Credit Card or Debit Card

4 Steps to Purchase XRP Easily

Here at Paybis we’ve made it as easy as possible to buy XRP. Follow the steps below:

  • Select an amount of XRP crypto you want to buy

  • Select Paybis wallet - or copy and paste the address of your external one. 

  • Enter your credit card information

  • Receive your XRP in no time

That’s it! Now you know how to purchase XRP.

Buy XRP with credit card: tips & tricks

Here are a few things you need to know before you buy XRP with credit card. 

  • Check with your bank if they support crypto platforms.

  • Choose your local currency. When you buy Ripple with credit card at Paybis, there more than 40 currencies to choose from. This will help you avoid currency conversion fees of your bank. 

  • It’s quite easy to buy XRP with debit card (or credit), right? But we took it one step further and introduces Apple Pay and Google Pay. Now the transaction only takes 2 clicks. 

Best payment method for buying XRP

Here at Paybis, you can buy XRP online with various payment methods. However, we always suggest to buy XRP with credit card, especially for new customers. Here is why: 

  • Cards are one of the few payment methods that allow you to buy XRP instantly. So when you spotted a perfect XRP buy opportunity, you don’t need to wait for several business days for the payment to clear. 

  • With credit cards, when you buy XRP for the first time, we do not charge Paybis fee. 

Don’t take our word for it - scroll up and see how easy it is!

Do I need a wallet to buy Ripple?

It’s up to you! We want to give our customer full flexibility when they buy XRP with us, so there are 2 options available:

  • You can decide to store your Ripple crypto in Paybis wallet - one of the most secure ones on the market. 

  • Alternatively, you can choose “External wallet” when you buy XRP, and we will send the crypto to the address of your choice. 

  • In both cases, the transaction will be near-instant and your crypto will be deposited in a heartbeat.

What fees will I be charged?

When you buy XRP or any other crypto at Paybis exchange, we want to be sure you know what you pay for. Which is why there are no hidden fees, and here is a breakdown we will show to you before each transaction:

  • Credit Card fee - paid to the card processor for making the transaction happen.

  • Paybis fee - our fee for providing the services. Slashed down to 0% the first time you buy Ripple with debit card

  • Ripple fee - a small fee that is used to confirm your transaction on the blockchain. 

What cards are supported on Paybis?

At Paybis, you can buy crypto with prepaid cards, Visa and Mastercard. Other brands are currently not supported. We accept both credit cards and debit cards. 

Before proceeding with transactions, please check with your bank if you have international payments enabled.

Please also make sure you confirm your payment should your bank request you to do so.