Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria


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How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Easy Steps to buy BTC in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries where crypto is on the peak regardless of the market situation. However, it is often hard to find a working method to purchase BTC in Nigeria. The easiest way would be to create an account on Paybis and follow these easy steps:
  • Enter the amount you want to purchase in NGN
  • Choose where you want to receive your crypto - Paybis or external wallet
That’s it! Now you know how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. 

Exchange rate costs explained

One of the most important thing when you buy Bitcoin in Nigeria is to know which exchange rate is being used. 

Paybis uses a parallel market rate which may significantly fluctuate from time to time, which is why we urge all our customers to check the details of the transaction before proceeding with a payment. Paybis will not be able to refund any transactions for which the cryptocurrency has already been sent.

How long does it take to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Most of the payments should arrive within 1 hour, however sometimes they can take up to 1 business day. 

Please note that the transfer speed depends on various factors such as bank network condition. All of these factors are outside Paybis control, and we can not guarantee instant arrival time. 

What we can guarantee is that when you buy BTC in Nigeria, you will receive your payout in less than 10 minutes after your payment clears. 

Payments being rejected

Nigeria is not the most crypto-friendly country in terms of compliance & banking regulation. Sometimes banks might prohibit you from making transactions related to cryptocurrency businesses or foreign businesses at all. 

What you can do is try to contact your bank to see if the issue could be resolved, or try using another bank. 

We are closely monitoring the change in the crypto environment in Nigeria and will provide extra information if and when available.